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The ties that bind us to each other and to this place we share are stronger because we believe in certain things.

Every life is a gift. Every person is a unity of body, mind and spirit. Every one of us can offer compassion—and give special attention to those of us in greatest need.

We’re more than colleagues, serving more than our patients. Our roots and values guide the ways we care for this community every day—within and outside of our hospitals.

“I make sure our medical staff has the information they need, when they need it, to provide the best care for each patient. I enjoy helping others in whatever way that I can. It brings me happiness.”

—Tim Breen, Health Information Associate

“I’m the first face people see when they come to seek care, so I make sure their first impression is a good one. Even though I’m not helping treat patients hands-on, it gives me great pride to know I am a part of their care.”

—Katie Bledsoe, ED Registrar

“I love working here because of the people, and helping incoming patients and visitors. Every day is different and that makes it exciting.”

—John McIntyre, Security Officer

“Being with people in the most vulnerable moments of their lives—to offer hope and help them face situations with renewed insight—is a beautiful ministry. It helps me bring the compassion and love of Jesus to patients and families at the hospital.”

—Father Biju, Priest Chaplain

“I help with many aspects of a patient’s surgical experience. I love what I do because my work challenges me daily to serve our patients with the love and care they deserve.”

—Lisa Anderson, Anesthesia Technician

“I have a passion for cooking and have been doing so at Sacred Heart for nine years. We coordinate an average of 1,900 meals daily while maintaining high quality and food safety. The reward of producing great food for our patients, colleagues and community is tremendous.”

—Randy Lathrop, Executive Chef

“Even though I don’t work directly with patients, I feel that our department’s work to ensure financial accuracy helps our colleagues have the resources they need, and to stay on budget to continue supporting the mission of HSHS for many years to come.”

—Peggy Sager, Accountant

“I’m inspired by my coworkers to do what I can to get the job done. Whoever I encounter, I try to make their day better. Number one: we are here for the patient. At the end of my day, I want to feel that I have had a positive effect on everyone.”

—Kevin Kelly, Environmental Services

“I feel a lot of compassion for people who are sick, elderly or struggling with pain. My field has allowed me to help so many people discover the source of an illness or pain so that it can be treated. I get a lot of satisfaction from that—and from how grateful patients are. I feel I make a difference for them.”

—Van Olson, MRI Technologist

Your service makes us stronger

From caring for your family and neighbors to giving back to our schools, towns and so much more, thank you for all you do to serve our communities—from the heart of Eau Claire and Chippewa Falls to the towns and countryside beyond.

Tell us why you serve.


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